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123", "total_paid_offers_usd": "0E-8", "project_link": "#", "image_link": "/media/issue_images/logo_809_20170610204115.php5", "sponsor_status": "PROPOSED", "commentcount": 2, "total_open_offers_btc": "0E-8", "issue_link": "/issue/809/h1123scriptalerttresscript", "total_paid_offers_btc": "0E-8", "moresponsors": 0, "id": 809}, {"status": "open", "total_open_offers_usd": "0E-8", "four_sponsors": [{"image_link": "https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/afdda32e2ec772df37f9e352dc20c9d5?d=identicon&s=50", "username": "matthewoden", "sponsor_link": "/user/matthewoden"}], "description": "Hi,Great module. It's working great on my site. Can I get some advice/guidance on how to implement a count of the number of download for each time each of the node zip file is downloaded?Use Case:A visitor come to a page (node). They click the download link. The zip file saves to their local machine. The counter on the page in increased by 1.Thanks ahead of time for guidance. I looked at other download count modules, but I don't think any will work for this field type.Thanks ahead of time for the help,3Digs", "viewcount": -1, "title": "Implementing a Zip File Download Count", "total_paid_offers_usd": "0E-8", "project_link": "/project/211/%28Drupal%29%20Download", "image_link": "/static/img2/default_project_logo.png", "sponsor_status": "PROPOSED", "commentcount": 3, "project_name": "(Drupal) Download", "total_open_offers_btc": "0E-8", "issue_link": "/issue/338/implementing-a-zip-file-download-count", "total_paid_offers_btc": "0E-8", "moresponsors": 0, "id": 338}, {"status": "open", "total_open_offers_usd": "0E-8", "four_sponsors": [{"image_link": "https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/5d0e9ae416f33fc9a5365cd0423bf90f?d=identicon&s=50", "username": "jonnymoon96", "sponsor_link": "/user/jonnymoon96"}], "description": "I believe this is a \nbug worth fixing just because there is no garman software for Linux or FreeBSD for one and for two garman express does not work on wine and it would be less expensive for me to pay on here than to pay for a windows os", "viewcount": -1, "title": "Garmin Express: Installer doesn't launch", "total_paid_offers_usd": "0E-8", "project_link": "/project/267/Wine", "image_link": "/static/img2/default_project_logo.png", "sponsor_status": "PROPOSED", "commentcount": 1, "project_name": "Wine", "total_open_offers_btc": "0E-8", "issue_link": "/issue/771/garmin-express-installer-doesnt-launch", "total_paid_offers_btc": "0E-8", "moresponsors": 0, "id": 771}]; }